Repo: The Genetic Opera was one of the greatest musicals of the 21st century, in my not so humble opinion. »

Since their formation in 1993, Black Funeral has been one of the corner stones of the American Black Metal scene. »

Sometimes you have to wallow into the abyss before you can find enlightenment. That is the approach that France’s Aum »

On August ┬áthe one man audio assault known as Horseback will drop Dead Ringers on the world. Equal parts dreamy »

Today the Summer Solstice begins. To celebrate the season, Teloch Vovin has dropped the latest installment of their Psams Ov »

A few months ago, I was laying in bed with my now ex-boyfriend talking about the new Baroness album, Purple. »

The summer tour season will soon be upon us, and I couldn’t be happier. Destroyer of Light will be back »

Oh happy day! The hooded menace known as Ghoul will bless our blood thirsty hearts with a new album this »

This week Gruesome makes their first foray into the world of music video. It seems weird that a band that »

I went into Home excited for a movie that was going to drop some murderous, supernatural hi-jinks on me. Unfortunately »