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Riff Trax: Night og the Living Dead « Ectomag

Riff Trax: Night og the Living Dead

If you were a fan of Mystery Science 3000 back in the 90’s You’ll have a good time with the Riff Trax series. A series of DVD’s that give classic camp a bit of the MST3K treatment. The first up in the series if the George Romero classic Night of the Living Dead. While its been awhile since the writers from MST3K have worked together its good to see that they haven’t lost their touch. They throw out some great one liners and point out some things about the film that may have gone unnoticed.
While die hard Romero fans will probably get a bit miffed at people cracking jokes on their beloved zombie classic, sane people will find it refreshing. Night of the Living Dead is one of those films that is put on such a pedestal by its fans and has been remade so many times, that’s its been dissected to death. Sure its a great film and is responsible for bringing the problem of a zombie uprising to the forefront of human consciousness. But its to the point where we have spent so much time analyzing it and not enough time enjoying it for what it is. A fun film and a good blue print on how to deal with the undead. And Riff Trax helps to put all of that back into perspective.


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