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Poultrygiest: Night of the Chicken Dead « Ectomag

Poultrygiest: Night of the Chicken Dead

At long last I am able to feast my eyes on the gory comedic train wreck that is Poultrygiest, Night of the Chicken Dead! I’ve been dying to see this thing since it hit theaters over the summer, but sadly no one wanted to see it with me. Something about it being the living end of disgusting. Or something along those lines, but at that point I had stopped listening to arguments against the film. But that’s ok, because now I have my hot little hands on the DVD and am alone at the pad ready to delight with freakish glee at blood and guts the way only Troma can do it.
Its a normal enough summer in the beautiful city of Tromaville. Nerd boys are trying to bang their chicks, while getting finger banged by zombies in the cemetery. Pervs are wanking at the beauty that is young lust, you know the usual. Everything is right in the world of Tromaville. The peaceful bliss of the city is suddenly shattered when the American Chicken Bunker rolls into town. Bulldozing the sacred tromaville Indian burial ground to build their friend chicken empire. protests ensue, lesbians make out in the streets its utter chaos. But fast food chains are the least of tromaville’s worries. By building they place on top of the burial ground they have angered the spirts of the people buried there. As well as the angry spirits of the dead chickens that are slaughtered to make their deep fried delights. Creating an army of mutated zombie chickens hell bent on destroying the town and the world!
Troma is in rare form with Poultrygiest. This may be the funniest gross out film that they have ever made. There are plenty of blood and guts sex and shit jokes to appease the inner teenager in us all. But it isn’t the cheesy costumes, bad puns and copious amounts of blood that made this film fun. Its the musical numbers. The song Slow Fast Food Love had me laughing so hard I was crying. There is something funny about people singing about getting their salads tossed that’s a fucking riot. This film makes fun of everything from Subway’s Jared to religion. There is even an redneck fucking a dead chicken. Its a bloody butt-hole of fun that is not to be missed!


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