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Show and Tell « Ectomag

Show and Tell

The Birthday Massacre
Show and Tell
Metropolis Records
I’ve always thought of Birthday Massacre as a good staple band. They are consistently good but never do really anything Earth shattering or overly interesting. The kind of stuff that makes for good background music at parties or intermission. My only beef with them being their tendency to be a bit overly produced. Sometimes to the point where I wonder if there are any real humans involved with making their albums. However their live album Show and Tell has me rethinking my stance on The Birthday Massacre. Hearing them play live was much better than I could have ever anticipated. They were able to maintain the tight crisp sound that they always have on their albums and infuse with an energy that I wouldn’t have thought they had in them. Without all of the production tricks you can hear what a great voice their singer has on her. Her voice is so good that I cant help but wonder why they always seem to want to produce the fuck out of her. Because the girl doesn’t need it at all. Its nice to know that  a good band can turn into a great band with their live show. Now if they can just translate the energy from their live shows to their albums.


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