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Abort the Messiah « Ectomag

Abort the Messiah

Fetid Zombie
Abort the Messiah
I know I’m not the only one out there that thinks the way that some Black Metal bands use the moniker of being Satan’s minions to a place that’s laughable do the Underground a dis service with their hijinks’s. Then there are bands like Fetid Zombie who make the destruction of organized religion one of the most endearing things ever in life! Abort the Messiah is a quick hitter, only fourtrax . A quick but effective aural assault complete with stinging vibrant imagery. Nothing says it better than Ride the Goat to Jerusalem. Listening to this one can bring on one of two images. You’re either going to start think of Pan the Goat God leading his hordes into the Holy City to pillage, plunder and free the masses the masses from the vicious constraints of organized religion. Giving rein to a glorious era of free thought. Or if your a like me you imagine a bunch of burly Metal dudes riding into town on goat back ready to do battle with really pissed off herbivores. Either way they are images we can all have a lot of fun with. While I’m off to figure out why I find the thought of evil ramaging goats a lil precious, I will tell you Abort the Messiah is a kick ass album that needs to be heard by all!


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