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The Jogger Confronts Privilege with Blood-lust « Ectomag

The Jogger Confronts Privilege with Blood-lust

We live in scary times. Political upheaval, job insecurity, and economic downturns; uncertainty is all around us. Most of us can find relief in a cocktail, or a good bitch session with friends and family. Others break down completely and turn to murder as a form of relief. The Jogger looks at one man’s descent into madness as his world crumbles around him.

Paul has a great life; he has a great job, a beautiful wife and two adorable kids. It’s the American Dream made manifest. Things go a bit left for Paul when his wife starts acting strange. Before he can even make an effort to repair his marriage, he loses his job. Blindsided and feeling emasculated Paul goes to extremes to take control of a life that is spiraling out of control.

The Jogger hit me in a way I didn’t expect. As the story played out I found myself feeling a bit bad for Paul. Here is a guy that has been told his entire life that if he works hard and settles down privilege and prosperity will be his for all eternity.Most of us have been sold the same bill of goods in some form or fashion; and to have that privilege yanked out from under you suddenly has to be a jarring experience. And while I definitely found myself feeling some sympathy for Paul, I was waiting for there to be more to the story. There are a  lot of events that may have been out of Paul’s control, but his problems don’t exist in a vacuum. I would have loved to have seen some of the things going on in Paul’s inner life. Something to show how this series of unfortunate events could drive a normal dude to murder. Maybe it’s all of the true crime that I watch, but I wanted  a lot more than job loss to drive Paul to kill. I wanted him to give voice to whatever inner turmoil was driving his madness.

Despite lacking in some places, I had a good time with The Jogger. So many times I hear about white guys of a certain age going on about how this person or that group is taking his shit and ruining his life. I usually just chalk it up to #angrywhiteguyproblems, ignore them and move on with my day; but, The Jogger did a great job of illustrating how jarring this perceived loss of control can be to the more privileged among us. Trust, there is a lot of whiney shit out there that will continue to get a healthy dose of side eye, but being told that you’ve been sold a bill of goods can’t be an easy thing to confront. And anything that gives me a broader perspective is a good thing.



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