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Home is Some Bullshit « Ectomag

Home is Some Bullshit

I went into Home excited for a movie that was going to drop some murderous, supernatural hi-jinks on me. Unfortunately I walked away from this movie bored and confused with my blood lust completely in tact. On the surface Home has all of the elements of a good ghost story; a family moving into a new home with a creepy past, a weirdo neighbor and terrifying dolls. But alas, knowing what a good horror movie entails doesn’t mean that you are capable of making a good horror movie. At every turn Home fails to capitalize on any of the interesting angles of their story. Instead they take great pains tease out something interesting only to leave lying limp in a gaping plot hole.

Bible teen Carrie is moving in with her Mom and Step-Mother for the summer. While the tension between Carrie and her family is palpable from the outset, they never make it clear where the tension is coming from. Is Carrie just a brooding teen having a hard time adjusting to a new family dynamic? Is it because she is a devout Christian having a hard time with her lesbian mom? Is it because her step-sister is probably going to grow up to be prettier than her? I was dying to cut to the root of this family’s problems, but the people behind Home have no interest explaining why Carrie is having a hard time with her family. This is the first of many places where Home fails to capitalize on an interesting plot point.

As the movie progresses the weird neighbor awkwardly hits on the moms under the guise of looking out for their youngest. Carrie kisses a boy and we find out that a creepy old man that was into dolls once owned the house, but that’s it. They never bother to explore any of the points that could have made this thing interesting. I would have loved for the little sister to get possessed by some creepy old doll. Or for the spirit of the old dude to come back to torture the family. But instead we have threads that go nowhere. I would have been happy the basic plot of an evil entity bringing a broken family together through terror. Anything is would have been better than the ball of nothing that Home serves us.

I would be able to forgive the rambling plot of Home if they could have been bothered to try to give me some decent kills. As for the violence the only thing that Home can muster is a scared frat boy with a busted lip and a constantly screaming Carrie. Unfortunately they are both allowed to live through the entire movie. Like everything else in Home any chance to give anyone a good death was completely wasted.


If you get off on exercises in futility and plot holes the size of a mac truck, then Home will definitely be your jam. But if you want something with a bit of substance and some gore–which  I know you do– skip Home and find a better way to spend your time.


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