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Autumn’s Dawn




autumns dawn

I’ve listened to Autumn’s Dawn Gone more times than I care to think about and I just can’t bring myself to like this album. No matter how many times I listen to Gone, I walk away from it confused; I’m not sure if Gone is supposed to be a Alt/Indie rock, Post Black Metal or a straight rock album. Autumn’s Dawn spends a lot of time dipping their sonic toes into different genres, but for all of their experimentation they never stick with anything long enough to develop a cohesive personality.

The Alt/Indie Rock vibe on Gone doesn’t sit well with me. As Alt/Indie Rock bands have slowly managed to grab a solid foot hold on American Top 40 Rock charts, anything on Gone that may have sounded innovative in the studio or in the heads of Autumn’s Dawn sounds flat and a bit old hat. An album that is supposed to sound like rage and sadness ends up sounding like the slightly angrier,younger brother to HIM or Silver Sun Pick-Ups.

What really threw me on Gone was the vocals. Singer/drummer Sorrow has some great screams, but his singing voice is flat and whiney. When every song on an album is a sonic testament to the band’s constant misery  and woe, I suppose that a bit of whining is allowed and can be helpful to the lyrics. But Autumn’s Dawn goes beyond the pale with the amount of whining a band should allow. Two songs into  Gone and the constant grousing was making my ears bleed. As Sorrow sings about waking up to another horrible day on “Blank Stare Dead Eyes”, it finally hits me what I don’t like about Gone; this album has all of the misery of Morrissey but none of the charm. You can make an album as miserable and sad as you’d like but if it doesn’t have some charm or the occasional tongue in cheek lyric, you will not get very far with the listener.  We all know that everything is fucked up all of the time. Even if there is nothing is happening to you at this very moment, knowing that some kid is being  beheaded  somewhere is enough to ruin anyone’s day. That being said, if you want to make an album that is all misery all  of the time, you have to leave a shadow of light at the end of the tunnel. In the depressed lyrics department, Autumn’s Dawn is trying to give Morrissey, Fiona Apple and Poe a run for their money, but they are nowhere  close to capturing the hateful, depressing charm of any of these artists.

I will give Autumn’s Dawn credit for their fantastic production. They brilliantly smooth out any of the rough bits of Gone without pulling any of the human spirit out of the album. But their flawless production style is par for the course; for all of the talk of getting back to basics and cultivating a low-fi sound most Alt/Indie Rock bands have excellent production. Autumn’s Dawn is no different.  And if we’re going to be real here, despite Sorrow’s time in Germ, and cult OZBM bands like Austere, Woods of Desolation, and Nazxul giving him excellent an excellent Metal pedigree, Autumn’s Dawn is an Alt/Indie Rock band at heart. And like so many other Indie Rock bands out there they flirt with the heavy and the melancholy, but when you scratch beneath the surface it’s as dull as dishwater.

Best case scenario, Autumn’s Dawn is a gateway band; emotive and sad enough to appeal to misunderstood middle schoolers everywhere, but just heavy enough that they could be the band to open young minds to the brilliance of extreme music. However to the more experienced ear, Autumns Dawn’s gone is just 40 mins of meh.



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