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Oracolo Suicida

Oracolo Suicida

Oracolo Suicida




Using violin swells woven between savage growls and high soaring riffs,Italy’s Profezia knows how to set a scene for maximum drama. Their new album Oracolo Suicida sounds like it should be the soundtrack  of a classic tragedy. Right before Ediphis rips out his own eyes for shagging his mother and killing his father the title track would play providing the perfect soundtrack for gut wrenching agony. Like the marble columns that make the coliseum Oracolo Suicida is equal parts classical splendor and modern aggression.

The violins that are featured throughout Oracolo Suicida add a wonderful sense of melancholy to the album. They are so mournful that you almost forget how heavy Oracolo Suicida is. That is until the vocals and a guitar riff come smashing into your face. Reminding the listener that there is a massive amount of aggression just below the surface of the weeping violin.

While the driving force behind Profezia is a overwhelming sadness, there is an air of mysticism interwoven into the folds of sadness. It feels like something that is being directed beyond our capacity as mere mortals to understand. Profezia sings the songs that are dedicated to the gods of old. Their lyrics are the sounds that are being chanted in the blackness of the woods when the fiends of the night are let loose.  Oracolo Suicida  has a dark  oppressive feel that will definitely appeal to those steeped in the traditions of old skool black metal, but their approach to composing music has a very modern feel to it. The violin takes the lead in a lot of tracks on this album. It has it’s own riffs and holds its own amazingly well next to the heavy guitar riffs. We none of us are strangers to violins and classical instruments being used in metal, we have become accustomed to the classical instruments playing as guest stars to the guitars. Switching the formula around adds an unexpected layer of texture to the music that is unexpected and thoroughly welcomed.

You can pick up a copy of Oracolo Suicida at In the meantime let the video for Oracolo Suicida rock your balls off!


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