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On July 22nd Entrails drops Resurrected from the Dead. A collection of demos, Resurrected from the Dead takes the listener on »

When most of us think of Black Metal, we usually think of Norway, Germany and countless other places throughout Europe. »

When Chaos Comic founder Brian Pulido announced that he would be rebooting Lady Death on Avatar Press, I ran out »

Since the release of Dog Years on earlier this month, The Great Sabatini has been building a name for themselves »

In their continuing conspiracy to ensure that  never get to see them live, Eyehategod has announced another round of dates »

September 9th it’s going down. That is the day that San Antonio’s HOD will unleash their long awaited full length »

With the July 8th release of Celestite fast approaching Wolves in the Throneroom  will be destroying the West Coast to celebrate. Wolves »

Inked by Roberto Toderico (Sinister, Asphyx), the cover for Those Who Bring The Torture’s Piling Up is serving up all kinds »

The sick fucks of Cross Examination are closing the six-year gap between releases and vomiting all over the planet when »

More often than not less is more. Which why I am digging the cover for Exoridum Mors’ The Apotheosis of Death. From »