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The last time I saw Watain play their trademark pigs blood had gone rancid and I couldn’t get the smell »

Twenty years after calling it quits Centinex is bringing back the album that started it all. Their debut album Subconcious Lobotomy »

Slussenanalys Aquila Helvetos Asfaltos Ektro Records 4.5 I don’t know what the fuck is going on here but I like »

Portland’s Cemetery Lust have inked a deal with Hell’s Headbangers to release their second album Orgies of Abomination.  Born of »

Ephel Duath and I have had a very complex relationship thorough the years. For every track that I love they »

  Aktor I am the Psychic Wars Ektro Records 4.5 I listened to the radio for the first time in »

Oh happy day! Annihilated is heading into the studio to work on their new album 13 Steps To Ruination.  Produced by »

Deadlock The Arsonist Naplam Records 3.0 Deadlock is a case study in everything that is good and bad about using »