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It’s said that after the having St. Basil’s Cathedral built Ivan the Terrible had the architects blinded to keep them »

Paulo R.C. Barros has a new video out. You can watch Neural Transmitter on you tube at or download »

Xasthur A Gate Through Blood Stained Mirrors Hydra Head 3.0   I spent a lot of time with Xasthur’s new »

Salt the Wound Carnal Repercussions Rotten Record 3.0       Its the high pitched screeching and the demon growls »

I am so sick of studios, labels and some bands pimping the nostalgia of my youth. Lulling you into purchasing »

Baezel has released their second full length album,Born to destroy Amalek today. you can listen to some trax at »

Thor is gearing up to celebrate the release of his new album Into the Noise with a show at the »

Leatherstrip Civil Disobedience Alfa-Matrix 4.0     Leatherstrip is back with Civil Disobedience. This album seems to mark a turning »

This years Peganfeast is going to rock with unbridled fury! Why do you ask? That’s because this years lineup will »

Tonight is one of those rare occasions where I have nothing to do on a Saturday night. Time to settle »