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Artist/Band: Colony 5 Album Title: Re-Fixed Rating: 3.5 Review: It seems as if every band on the planet has released »

Artist/Band: Cylab Album Title: Unparallel Universe Rating: 4 Review: Listening to Cylabâ??s Unparallel Universe is like cinching into your favorite »

Artist/Band: The Love Drunks Album Title: The Love Drunks Rating: 3.5 Review: Trying to describe The Love Drunks is like »

Artist/Band: Turn Me On Dead Man Album Title: God Bless the Electro Freak Rating: 4 Review: God Bless the Electro »

As always its late when I walk into my apartment. The living room is lit with an eerie blue glow »

Artist/Band: Alchemist Element Album Title: BOB Rating: 4 Review: Its hard to describe the sounds flooding out of my car »

Artist/Band: Report Suspicious Activity Album Title: Report Suspicious Activity Rating: 3 Review: What do you get when you combine the »