We were standing outside waiting for Behexan to set up when it happened. I’m still not 100% on what was »

Autumn’s Dawn Gone Eisenwald 3.0 I’ve listened to Autumn’s Dawn Gone more times than I care to think about and »

With the Tankcrimes Brainfreeze fest behind them and the end of summer close at hand, Bat is will be destroying »

Corrosion of Conformity will be making their way across this great land of our to burn down the masses and »

Coffin Hill Vertigo 3.0   When I picked up the first issue of Coffin Hill a few months back, I »

On august 19th Sentient Ruin Laboratories will release Coping with Loss, the debut album Virginia’s American. I haven’t heard the »

Tired of people saying “they sound better live” Twitching Tongues will be quelling the bringing desire to hear them live »

Summer brings a lot of shows to town, but Summer Slaughter is always the highlight of the summer concert season. »

Many moons ago I left the rust belt town of Canton, OH because it was boring as shit. Canton, Youngstown, »

Nightsatan Nightsatan and the Loops of Doom Svart Records 4.5         When I listened to Nightsatan for »